A Little About Me...

Who Is this "Caroline"?

Hi there, I'm a New York Wedding & Family Photographer based in Long Island! My love for photography started when I was a kid watching movies - I nerded out over creative compositions and visual effects captured in-camera. Then I would try to recreate them myself!

Growing up I always loved being creative and doing artsy things, whether it was painting, drawing, interior designing, or taking pictures. I got my first point and shoot camera when I was 12 and always had fun finding weird angles to capture the light & the world around me.

In college I took some photography classes which deepened my love and appreciation for film photography. But it wasn't until after I worked in the movie and then marketing industries that I decided to pursue my photography career full-time. That was 2019.

My first wedding was 500+ guests and I had a BLAST! It was an eye-opening experience that confirmed my true calling! Since then, I've been relishing in the wonderful life of a photographer.

I've had the pleasure of meeting incredible vendors, forging friendships with talented photographers, and capturing countless milestones in people's lives while joyfully celebrating alongside them. I absolutely love it!


German & Japanese - I'm half Austrian, half Japanese. German and Japanese are my native languages. English joined the club in my high school years so please excuse my mispronunciations and grammar mistakes!


I'm a classically trained pianist but love to play film scores & jazz! In fact that's pretty much all I listen to...


I love powder-skiing! I usually go back to Austria to ski with family. I tried snowboarding but I am my father's daughter - he was a ski instructor!


I love to DANCE! But also play tennis, ski, darts (is that a sport?), and plan fun events for my friends (like escape the room games!)


I used to work in the film industry, notably on Godzilla in Japan and Sir Paul McCartney's Music Video (check out my sword box Emma Stone had to be in<<)


In fact I LOVE Movies! From Hitchcock & Godard, to LOTR & Marvel films. I'm specifically a nerd for how films are made, it's absolutely fascinating and I get a lot of photography ideas that way!  


My husband and I LOVE New Zealand! We've travelled all over the world and would love to one day be able to live in the land of Hobbits:)

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Maternity Session

"When my induction date got moved up by another two weeks, I realized that I didn’t have a single photo of my husband and I together during this pregnancy. I thought that with most weddings being cancelled I could probably get a great photographer on short notice. I was so lucky to find Caroline who handled our unusual situation with incredible compassion and grace and who made me feel beautiful even when I was extremely sick and uncomfortable. I’m so grateful she captured this special moment in our lives and that we now have these photos to show our daughter."

Francesca & Tim

Family/Newborn session

"Caroline was a delight! We wish we knew about her for our wedding. I'm usually pretty awkward when it comes to photos but she had great direction and a fun quirky personality that made us so comfortable. The photos came out great and now we have these incredible photos of our newborn that we'll cherish forever!"

Jess & Greg

Engagement Session

"My fiancé and I both get flustered in front of the camera, but with Caroline we felt totally at ease. She took a large variety of shots, always checked in on how we were feeling, and was very professional in her posing and angles. We loosened up really quickly and she kept making us feel positive by showing us the pictures and telling us how great we were doing. She had a vision for things but also worked off our energy and was incredibly accommodating. Highly recommend her for engagements!"

Paula & Daelin

Wedding Photography

"We loved having Caroline as our photographer! She was incredibly fun, flexible, thoughtful, and accommodating. She went above and beyond in getting us all the shots we wanted. Caroline really listened to our vision for the day and communicated extremely well with us throughout the whole process. We would definitely recommend her!"

Claire & Mike