2-3 hour SEssion

I spend about 2-3 hours with you guys to account for diaper changes, nursing, and soothing time. Ideally we're taking pictures of your newborn while he/she is sleeping, which can never be perfectly planned out, and that's okay! I want you to come knowing that you're not rushed and that you have all the time you need to get settled in.

Calm Space With Soft BGM

I create an environment that is calm & relaxing for both your baby and you. Since newborn sessions are done 2-3 weeks after birth, you may be a little tired so I want to make sure that this is a stress-free experience for you. This also helps your baby feel at ease and hopefully nap as much as possible.

Coffee & Snacks

One of the perks of doing this at my home studio is that I can offer coffee/tea and snacks/baked goods! Just let me know what you prefer and if you have any dietary restrictions so I can prepare/bake accordingly ♥ If you feel like you need to sit and rest or even doze off for a while, you're more than welcome to our living room couch:)

NEwborn SESSIONS AT Your Home

1-2 hour SEssion

Sessions at your home tend go a little faster because your baby is already accustomed to your space and you can stick to your usual routine/schedule better. I would aim to start at your newborn's usual naptime for optimal timing.

Your Space

Having a clean tidy space is a must! No matter how blurry it is in the photo, if the background is messy, you'll still see it. The bigger the room the better, for a few reasons: I need to be able to move around and some of my lenses require me to stand back a few feet, secondly, I also capture YOU with your baby, so we'll need space for you all to fit :)

Natural Lighting

The most important part is to have lots of natural light coming in to the room we are photographing in. South facing windows are ideal! If your nursery doesn't get a lot of light, we can consider using another room such as the living room or a den.



Since we'll be taking pictures of you as well, it's my responsibility to let you know that you may want to dress up a bit as well :) No need to go fancy shmancy of course, but I want you to feel good about yourself when you look at the final photos!


Name signs, blankets, ribbons, accessories are all welcome! I usually also recommend some plush toy that you want to keep forever to use as a size reference!

Provided props

I have posing pillows and a big white fuzzy blanket that we will use. I also have three swaddle blankets (white, light beige & grey) that you may use if you'd like.