Benefits of a second photographer

Not sure if you need a second photographer at your wedding?

Having a second photographer is never a bad idea. My second photographers and I always make sure we cover different angles, use different lenses, and focus on different people for the same moments so you get fuller coverage of your day. I'm going to break it down for you here so you can see what kinds of photos you'll be getting from having a second photographer.


Getting ready

Having a second photographer means you can get coverage of you both getting ready at different locations, since I can't be in two places at once! For ladies, I usually spend about 1.5-2hours with you getting ready, and for the gentlemen it's just 1 hour.

First lOok

As your main shooter, I will be focusing on capturing the reaction of the person doing the first look. Whether that's your fiancé, your dad, your bridal party, etc. My second will be focusing on you.


During the ceremony, I will always be at the front capturing everyone walking down the aisle, which also allows me to get the reaction of the awaiting fiancé. During this time, I like to have my second photographer at the back (to get a nice back-of-the-dress shot walking down the aisle), or if the location allows for it, from somewhere up high like the image below. If the ceremony is short, it is extremely helpful to have a second so I’m not rushing to take all the pictures in 5 minutes. This helps me get different angles and different moments captured of the most important part of your day (including reactions of your families & guests)! We always make sure that if we're shooting from the same angle, that we're using different focal lengths too (a close up vs. wide shot) so that you get a nice variety of shots as well.


We usually split up during cocktail hour. My second will get all the food, drinks, signature drinks menu, décor, candids and group shots of guests while I take detail shots of the reception room. If I don’t have a second, I can certainly do both, but my time getting cocktail hour photos will be much shorter.


Of course there’s the obvious that you’ll have more angles & more photos, but where you’ll notably see a difference is during the special dances (first dance & parent dances) having two photographers gives us a better chance to capture any dips and spins that otherwise one photographer might not get from the correct angle (and they happen so quickly that I don’t always have enough time to change positions and capture it… even more so if guests are standing around the dance floor). It also allows us a moment to get a more creative shot, like taking a picture through the tall candle holders on the tables.


No one regrets booking a second photographer and having more photos:) You'll have a fuller coverage of your day, with more angles, more time, and more candids of your families and guests.